Our treatments list

Traditional wash

Hand-washing using ultra soft glove after a bubble bath.  During the process we use as well specific shampoo which contribute and adds an extra and special external protection. This treatment includes also, cleaning wheels, special towel dry process and forced air, windows cleaning, full internal aspire or vacuuming, interior cleaning and dashboard conditioning.

Premium wash

Basic and traditional washing, with much more extras. Premium washing includes completely door frames cleaning, tires conditioning, exterior rubber and plastic washing, chromes treatment, tires and body express sealing, upholstery vacuuming, mats cleaning and door panels cleaning..


Includes, remove all contaminants adhered to the paint to restore smoothness and to make the durability of the wax for a maximum period of time.

Polish and defects correction

Treatment, specially created, to remove paint defects and recover the brightness and the original color in cars, ships, boats or aircrafts.


Protective cape of paint, instead of improve the brightness as long as possible. It could be of synthetic or natural (called Brazilian carnauba wax).

Engine cleaning

In ShineVips we know that the heart of your car needs sanitation and image rebranding for its proper performance and aesthetics, and we are specialists in doing so. We are going to treat your engine like ours, with specific professional products for leave it impeccable. We remove any encrustation of dirt and fat, and clean and recondition all components such as plastics, covers or protectors…

We also make polish on some mechanical parts and components of your vehicle also to your re-birth.

Recovery optics headlights

The pass of time and the weather create a yellowish cape on the headlights making them lose visibility and put driving safety in danger. With our headlight restoration, we can eliminate the matte layer (or yellow) from the car lights, and we deliver them as new, restoring visibility in situations where it is really necessary to use the lights.

In addition to increase security, you will notice how the aesthetics of your car greatly improved and can successfully pass the ITV.

An economical solution that saves hundreds of Euros or dollars on buying new lightlamps.

Tint and waterproof

ShineVips offers special treatment to keep the roof of his convertible fully spotless and fully waterproofed.

When a convertible vehicle comes out from the fabric, the hood has passed a water repellent treatment. This treatment waterproofs the hood, causing the water slide on surface.

Over time, the weather conditions and the successive washes are making this treatment lose its effect and finally it disappears. If you notice that the water doesn’t slide as well as when you bought the vehicle, maybe it’s time to try this treatment. It is highly recommended take this process once a year to prevent future damages. The hood is an important waste part in your car, and also a keypoint in which we give full and special attention during the maintenance and care routine of your car.

For many reasons, the hood requires some extra vital care, if we want ensure a good and large life of our vehicle.

Repair minor defects and scratches

Some of them can be for example, bumpers damage, fins and doors…

In ShineVips we perform free paint touches in our services, concealing any rash at maximum so that even you, will be in trouble to remember where the damage was located.

Windows and glass treatment

All surfaces, including glass, have certain porosity, although at first view it may seem they are not, and this is very subtle.

ShineVips offers treatments for crystals you even receive by the touch.

The rain water falling on the glass slide much more easily after improving and also you will take extra visibility through the glass of your vehicle. The effect produced is like watching slide drops of liquid mercury on surface. In the case of a windshield may not be needed turn the wiper blades to make rainwater away, because the effect of our treatment on visibility is extremely amazing.

Treatment also available on boats and aircraft.

Increased visibility, increased safety.