What’s the difference between a car wash center and a Detailer?

The detailer, and specially in ShineVips, feel passion for all we do and for who we do.  Because of that, we apply on works so much more time, care and attention on your vehicle,  in comparison with a wash center. A detailer will always look for, not just a simple wash, so also the highest presentation and demonstrative level, using Premium products, and using at same time the more advanced and available tools, techniques and methods. For that reason, the detailer work is much more higher than another conventional or similar wash center.

Once my car or vehicle is detailed, is it difficult to keep properly?

Not at all. Once the vehicle is detailed, treatment is very simple and straightforward. ShineVips, also will advise you and teach on tips and techniques which we believe will help to keep your car in perfect condition as long as possible. At the same time we will advise on the most suitable products for you.

Can I buy Detailing products by ShineVips?

Of course. Although ShineVips is not a store, we have a large list of products that we use, making them available to our customers under desire. These products are specially selected by us and we only use Premium quality products, which will ensure you the best results on your vehicle. Please do not hesitate to ask for information.

I have a new car, can I detail it?

For sure. New cars, rarely are given or delivered in perfect status or condition, after leaving the factory. They usually present paint defects, difficult to see at first view, but demonstrable by a professional. All of them are also delivered without any protection and promoting premature deterioration.

How much can be a vehicle detailed? Where is the limit?

The majority of detailers, will explain and limit it at the moment in which he can see and know what  type of damage the vehicle and also will stop the detailing when have doesn’t  provide a satisfactory restoration, have scratches that have passed the cape of lacquer, or some other cases. In that case, would they be repair by car paint specialist shop.

ShineVips, using techniques that we have learned during our large experienced years in painting processes, normally tweak successfully those types of damage, thus avoiding the restoration by a paint shop and fulfilling the aim of a professional detailer.

How much time will need the detailing process for my car?

It should take into account which type of work should be done. If you want perfection, you must allow and understand, that the detailer will take time to do a perfect job and give the maximum quality result. If you have for example, a great value vehicle, you not want to take a quick and simple service. It should be precise and high qualified.

I have bought a second hand or used car. Should I detail it?

Absolutely yes.  It doesn’t matter if you have purchased to an individual or a specialized dealer. Your car can improve and change the term between “used” to “release”. After all detail process, you will brand your new car.

How long work the effects of detailed?

It depends on which treatment you request and receive the car after detailed. Normally wax can work and last for about more or less six months and polish process over a year.

How much can it costs?

There is no fixed price. This is a unique process and exclusively focused on your vehicle, and in that case should  be highly perform, in all faces. So the cost, should consider the size and condition too. Request us a quote, leave doubts and debut with your car like the first time.

Why should I detail my car, boat or aircraft?

Mainly to restore the original appereance, as if it was new. It is also useful to correct defects or to increase the resale price, when you desire it. Remember the important fact that the first impression at the moment of purchase is really important. Detailing will help on it and also will benefit you economically.

How can I know that the paint of my car is damaged?

Actually, are existing many types of contaminants and if they are not removed, they will unable to restore the perfect shine, and remain in the paint in some cases permanently. There are two main types of surface defects. Those who are on the external surface, which are fats, oxides, air pollution, insects, dirt, bird drops,… And in the other hand, those who are below the surface, which can be scratches, rags marks, rusts, smudges and acid rain,… With a simple query we can take a look on your vehicle and advise if yours requires any of the treatments that we can offer.

Just because the scratches or other obvious signs of damage are not so much visible, it doesn’t mean that the surface is clean and smooth as when your car was new. Often it’s enough to be in touch with one hand over the surface, to notice and feel.

My car smells so bad. Can I remove those odors?

Yes, of course. ShineVips eliminates him with maximum effectiveness, all odors, bacterium, fungi, viruses and volatile compounds, through a technical shock treatment, called Ozone. We offer also this possibility on boats, closed places or somewhere you need.

Can you improve the visibility of and in my car, boat or aircraft?

Yes, for sure and for your safety, you must do it. ShineVips offers treatments for crystals, to improve visibility specially through inclement weathers.  These treatments also improve and prevent insects or other external contaminants. By this way, the process will facilitate cleaning and maintenance too. ShineVips also offers headlights restoration, which is going to increase the percentage of visibility at night and will avoid problems, for example, in the inspection of your vehicle.

Because life, must be seen to 100%.

My problem it’s inside of the car, so in the cabin. What can I do?

Contact us and enjoy it again inside of your vehicle, inside where you more time spends. ShineVips offers comprehensive cleanup and interior restoration, leaving it as the first day and odorless. Once you prove it, we ensure it will cost you go out of it.

The hood of my car has lost intensity. Can I get back?

ShineVips offers professional tinting for your hood and also the hydrophobic treatment. Debut again your convertible and see how water runs down the surface.

What benefits can ShineVips treatments provide me?

Simply, enjoy and brand your “new” car with all your senses.