Our treatments list

Integral or overall clean

In ShineVips we carry your vehicle so impeccable than you won’t want to leave. Our products, are specially designed for each and every material and component, together with the highest and exclusive innovative tools and techniques and are prepared for the best work in every detail, every corner and to leave any interior detail like a new one.


During the process, we dismantle, clean and technically reassemble the seats. Also,  clean fully the carpet, floor mats, door steps, windows and mirrors, dashboard and commands. We take of cars upholstery fabric and trunk, and treat air conducts eliminating unwanted and undesired odors. Important to say the fact, that the roof cleaning is always optional.

Leather treatment

Incrusted dirt, spills, sand, dust, etc. They make your car tapestries lose their color, naturalness, and original texture. ShineVips will clean your vehicle leather upholstery, whether car, boat or aircraft furniture. ShineVips will clean and take care deeply, using products and techniques which ensure the highest work quality, with  aim to recover intensity and brightness of colors as new, naturally ShineVips will nourish the leather skin, protect it and prevent crack, and restore with premium products, its magnificent original appearance.

Leather restore

ShineVips repairs damage and wears, caused by everyday or normal use, without need reupholstery.


With our large and extensive experience, we have learned also to remove snuff smell, little animals, humidity and all unwanted odors.

ShineVips offers you two options: deodorizer and disinfectant treatment of any interior, cars, boats and aircrafts.

This treatment eliminates definitively all kinds of odors based on the air conditioning conducts. By Ozone Active technique, in ShineVips eliminate any virus, bacterium, fungus or mites that are installed in the passenger compartment of your vehicle, whether comes it from land, sea or air, preventing odors, allergies and other diseases caused by organisms that inhabit the channels, leaving just neutral odor.

Other services

Home, business or company service

Restoration or replacement of small parts or components

Repair flooded vehicles

Paint and repair little defects

Replacement of windscreens (management and available with all insurance companies)

Laminated and tinted glass with the highest quality and certification

Solutions, client counseling and resolutions of doubts and questions