With our extensive experience inside the world of high-end vehicles and luxury cars, we will offer you an exclusive service, with high-most passion, truly customized and personalized.

Our goal and objective is to take care of your vehicle as never before.

Our years of experience and enormous knowledge basis have familiarized us like no one else with the working methods and individual requirements of our customers and automobiles.

Thanks to our knowledge on Detailing techniques, we are going to pamper high-most your vehicle, obtaining equal or higher than the first day results. We hope and desire sincerely and work as well too, with the aim of you can brand your car, boat or aircraft again and at any moment.

ShineVips is right now the first service on detailing, in the north of Girona and move nimbly equipped to neighboring provinces, also and even the entire national and international territory.

We use the most innovative techniques, including some of them created by ourselves and based in our own extensive experience, to ensure the bests results and the highest quality for a worthy exhibition.

In ShineVips we take care about the planet and its sustainability. For that reason, we have built washing techniques with maximum security without needing to resort the use of pressurized water, enabling the possibility to do detailing in community garages or other places which are not equipped for the traditional washing process.