If we put face on ShineVips as a company, we must talk about Rafel Casado. He’s the founder and the hands that are going to perform and offer you the service, personalized, reliable and trustworthy.

Rafel, has a long and prestigious experience in the field of aesthetic and visual maintenance and processes, applied in many high-competitive automotive brands, not only in luxury cars, also in racing and further more.

ShineVips was founded by Rafel, and is based and focused on Rafel’s passion: Detailing. Detailing as a term includes the techniques and treatments which are created to and for a maximum performance on car care.

His studies are focus on colorimetry techniques and methods, including process, analysis, correction and prevention of errors in topcoats. He is specialized in North American Detailing. He is considered high-level professional and has won several competitions at national and international level, competing with the best professionals from all around the world.